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Pumpkin pie, Paleo Pumpkin spice coffee creamer, pumpkin bars, pumpkin apple soup, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread…. I could go but now I’m hungry!  Pumpkins to me are like shrimp to Bubba Gump!  I love pumpkin!  And despite their Halloween presence, pumpkin are a fantastic, fiber loaded base and that equals a awesome pantry staple!   Just a few pumpkins and some easy prepping and you can have a pantry full of goodness all year long.

Pumpkin Canning recipe

(This is a state extension approved recipe)

You will need 2 ¼ pounds of pumpkins per quart

*Prepare Jars, lids, rings and pressure canner according to your manufactures instructions.

Fill 2 large kettles with warm water and bring both to a rolling boil.  One is for blanching the pumpkin and the other is for filing the jars with clean water.

Wash pie pumpkins well, cut in half and remove seeds (save for next year’s planting!).  Peel the rind and cut the meat into 1inch cubes. Place cubes into one of the boiling stock pots of water and boil for 2 minutes, being careful to not squish or mash pumpkin cubes.  Drain and discard the water.  Pack hot cubes into clean jars, ladle in boiling water leaving a 1 inch head space.  Release any air bubble and adjust water for accurate head-space.

To each pint jar add ½ teaspoon of canning salt and each quart jar add 1 teaspoon. Screw on lids and rings and place into your Pressure cooker.  Cook at 10 pounds of pressure (adjust pressure according to altitude, I add 5 pounds of pressure because we are high altitude) for 55 minutes for pints and 90 minutes for quarts.

After your gorgeous jars of pumpkin have set for 24 hours, check seals, wipe clean and store in a dark place.  Use these jars as you would any canned pumpkin puree by discarding liquid.

Enjoy your Harvest!


  1. Author Imagemichelle says

    Can this be done with large squash too? I bought a bunch of cinderella, australian and a couple other types of pumpkin, but bought a long naples squash that is 3 ft long and weighs about 30 lbs….. hoping to can the same way….. any input would be greatly appreciated!

    • Author Image says

      Wow. I LOVE Naples squash. They are great for canning and an excellent keeper. According to the Ball preserving guide, this recipe works for all variety of winter squash. Happy Canning!

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