• DIY Grassfed Liver Pills
  • Homemade Livestock Fly Spray
  • Homemade Ranch Mix
  • DI Y Fruit Butters
  • Homesteading.  Is the juice worth the squeeze?
  • Canning Homemade Lemonade
  • Milking Machine. Pros and Cons
  • 10 Reasons Why You Need a Cow
  • Smoked Chocolate Salted Truffles
  • Grilled Beef Heart Skewers
DIY Liver Pills | Grassfed | Paleo | Homesteading | Homemade | LivinLovinFarmin

DIY Grassfed Liver Pills

Did you know that liver packs more nutrients ounce for ounce then any other food source? Its a vital source of amino acids and important nutrients such as niacin, Vitamin A, D, E, K, B12 and folic acid.  Besides its immune and brain boosting attributes it also has a magnificent anti-fatigue factor.  There’s a reason liver was named the original super-food…. 

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DIY Fly Livestock Spray | Essential Oils | Homesteading | chemical free living | Homemade | Homesteading | livinlovinfarmin

Homemade Livestock Fly Spray

Have you ever read the back of a livestock fly spray bottle?  It’s terrifying.  I don’t even want it in my barn, let alone on my cows that produce food for my family and I. However, having pesky, annoying flies on animals, especially when your sitting half way under them to milk, is not a… 

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Homemade Ranch Mix | Diy | Homesteading | livinlovinfarmin.com

Homemade Ranch Mix

I love ranch!  Seriously, I love it so much its embarrassing ,.. for my family.  Its a host for all things savory and not just veggies, that’s a given.  Pork chops, kale or chard chips, homemade pizza, steak, roasted potatoes, even a scoop or two added to my favorite coleslaw recipe. You name it and… 

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DIY Seasonal Fruit Butters | Homespun Seasonal Living | Livinlovinfarmin

DI Y Fruit Butters

Today I am thrilled to have my sweet and amazing friend Kathy from Homespun Seasonal Living write a deliciously fruity guest post on the blog!.  Kathie is featuring a remarkable summer E-course starting June 22nd, which includes jams, jellies, dehydrating and much more.  This is a fantastic opportunity for homesteaders to gain some important how-to knowledge…. 

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Homesteading. Is the juice worth the squeeze? |livilovinfarmin

Homesteading. Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Did I lock up the chickens?  I really hope that cow doesn’t calve before morning.. What if the wolves get to the calf before I do?  I should have locked momma in the barn for the night. Did I turn off the hose?  If I flood the pasture one more time, its going to be… 

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Canning Homemade Lemonade | Homesteading | Livinlovinfarmin

Canning Homemade Lemonade

Mmm.. Homemade Lemonade! I have to admit, one of my mommy pet peeves is juice.  Once a child inevitable gets a taste of commercially processed juice at a birthday party or play date, then crave it, like sugar sucking zombies!  Having a healthy alternative to HFCS filled foiled  pouches is must during summer time. This… 

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Pros and Cons of Milk Machines | Homesteading | Milking cows | Dairy | Raw milk | Livinlovinfarmin.com

Milking Machine. Pros and Cons

I often get asked whether I hand milk or use a machine to milk out my dairy cows.  The answer is, both.  There is definitely a much admired simplicity in hand milking.  Not only are you gaining a one on one relationship with the cows but also being up close and personal with your dairy… 

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10 Reasons You Need A Cow | Homesteading | livinlovinfarmin.com

10 Reasons Why You Need a Cow

I used to dream about having cows on the homestead.  Milking them and making cheese from their delicious raw milk. Brushing and  grooming them, loving on them.  I craved the self sufficiency that a family cow bought to farm.  Today I have 5 dairy cows.  A bull for breeding, a silly stunted steer for entertainment… 

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Smoked Chocolate Salted Truflles | Homemade | livinlovinfarmin

Smoked Chocolate Salted Truffles

Every year for Valentine’s Day I make my husband the same meal. Fillet Oscar with hollandaise, avocado and lime marinated shrimp, wedge salad with homemade blue cheese and chocolate truffles. What can I say, I’m predictable!  This year I’m going to toss it up a bit and make him Smoked Chocolate Salted Truffles, see how… 

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Grilled Beef Heart Skewers | Grassfed Girl |Homesteading | livinlovinfarmin

Grilled Beef Heart Skewers

I remember driving home with my family when I was a child, maybe only 10 years old,  I was sitting quietly in the back of our mini van with my hand in a bucket full of milk, playing with the cold cow tongue that was floating in the bucket.  It was dinner.  I thought it… 

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20+ Ways Livestock Can Make YOU Money On The Homestead | livinlovinfarmin

20 Ways Livestock Can Make YOU Money

Living on a working homestead is rewarding in itself.  However, producing an income from that hard work is a whole nother level of awesome!.  One the questions I get asked frequently  is “How could one make money on the Homestead?” “What can you produce and sell for profit?”  The Answer, almost all of it my friend…. 

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